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Continue is the easiest way to code with any Large Language Model (LLM). You can use it with commercial models like GPT-4 via the OpenAI API, open-source models like CodeLlama running on your laptop with Ollama, and everything in between.

When you first install Continue, you can try it out for free using a proxy server that securely makes calls with our API keys to models like GPT-4, Gemini Pro, and Phind CodeLlama via OpenAI, Google, and Together respectively.

Once you're ready to use your own API key or a different model / provider, press the + button in the bottom left to add a new model to your config.json.

If you are unsure what model or provider to use, here is our current rule of thumb:

  • Use GPT-4 via OpenAI if you want the best possible model overall
  • Use DeepSeek Coder 33B via the Together API if you want the best open-source model
  • Use DeepSeek Coder 6.7B with Ollama if you want to run a model locally

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