The open-source autopilot for software development

A VS Code extension that brings the power of ChatGPT to your IDE

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Task, not tab, auto-complete

Continue will generate, refactor, and explain entire sections of code

Features 01

Answer coding questions


Highlight sections of code and ask Continue for another perspective

  • “what does this forRoot() static function do in nestjs?”
  • “why is the first left join in this query necessary here?”
  • “how do I run a performance benchmark on this rust binary?”
Features 02

Edit in natural language


Highlight a section of code and instruct Continue to refactor it

  • “/edit rewrite this to return a flattened list from a 3x3 matrix”
  • “/edit refactor these into an angular flex layout on one line"
  • “/edit define a type here for a list of lists of dictionaries”
Features 03

Generate files from scratch


Open a blank file and let Continue start new Python scripts, React components, etc.

  • “/edit get me started with a basic supabase edge function”
  • “/edit implement a c++ shortest path algo in a concise way”
  • “/edit create a docker compose file with php and mysql server"

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