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The easiest way to code
with any LLM

An open-source autopilot in your IDE

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Task and tab autocomplete

Continue will generate, refactor, and explain entire sections of code

Features 01

Answer coding questions


Highlight sections of code and ask Continue for another perspective

  • “what does this forRoot() static function do in nestjs?”
  • “why is the first left join in this query necessary here?”
  • “how do I run a performance benchmark on this rust binary?”
Features 02

Edit in natural language


Highlight a section of code and instruct Continue to refactor it

  • “/edit rewrite this to return a flattened list from a 3x3 matrix”
  • “/edit refactor these into an angular flex layout on one line"
  • “/edit define a type here for a list of lists of dictionaries”
Features 03

Generate files from scratch


Open a blank file and let Continue start new Python scripts, React components, etc.

  • “/edit get me started with a basic supabase edge function”
  • “/edit implement a c++ shortest path algo in a concise way”
  • “/edit create a docker compose file with php and mysql server"

Stay in flow when coding with LLMs

Continue acts natively inside your IDE, so you never have to switch windows, copy, and paste to get help from large language models ever again.

Choose any LLM

Use any model, including GPT-4, DeepSeek Coder, Claude 2, Code LLama, Gemini Pro, and more

Choose any provider

Deploy locally (Ollama, LM Studio, etc), in your cloud (vLLM, TGI, etc), or with SaaS (Together, OpenAI API, etc)

Your codebase as context

Ask Continue to automatically determine what context to use from your codebase or highlight it yourself

Local-first and modular

Use even when offline, bring your own vector database, and customize the experience exactly like you want it

Use your development data

Continuously finetune custom models using the data that your team collects as you build software with Continue

Deploy for your team

Reach out on Discord to get help setting up Continue once for your entire team to use together

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