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Continue can be deeply customized by editing ~/.continue/config.json (%userprofile%\.continue\config.json for Windows) and config.ts on your machine. These files are created the first time you run Continue. To open config.json, click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the Continue sidebar.

Currently, you can customize the following:

  • Models and providers
  • Context Providers - Type '@' to easily add attachments to your prompt. Define which sources you want to reference, including GitHub Issues, terminal output, or automatically retrieved snippets from your codebase.
  • Slash Commands - Call custom prompts or programs written with our SDK by typing /.
  • Other Configuration - Configure other settings like the system message and temperature.

If you'd like to share Continue configuration with others, you can add a .continuerc.json to the root of your project. It has the same JSON Schema definition as config.json, and will automatically be applied on top of the local config.json.