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🦔 Telemetry


Continue collects and reports anonymous usage information. This data is essential to understanding how we should improve the product. You can opt out of it at any time. We use Posthog, an open source platform for product analytics, to collect and store the data. You can review the code here.

What we track

We track

  • whether you accept or reject suggestions (not the code itself)
  • the name of slash commands that are run
  • the name of your OS and IDE
  • the name of the default model you configured

All data is anonymous and cleaned of PII before being sent to PostHog.

How to opt out

The ~/.continue directory contains a config.json file that looks like this:

"allowAnonymousTelemetry": true,

You can turn off anonymous telemetry by changing the value of allowAnonymousTelemetry to false. Alternatively, you can uncheck the "Continue: Telemetry Enabled" box in VS Code settings.